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About Us

Jill’s entire life has been dedicated to solving the countless mysteries and secrets within the human body and the relationship to its environment and lifestyle. Her own healing journey has urged her down an incredible path of learning, practicing, and living a life focused on optimizing, “a good life.”

She knows too well that everyone is unique and their goals are equally specific in defining their own “good life.” As a perpetual student and teacher, Jill’s practice benefits greatly from her strong family values of honesty and commitment.

Though she is very soft spoken, gentle, and always calm, Jill’s foundation is genuine. Her life experiences have forged a powerful source of wisdom and intellect to deliver all the knowledge she has and will continue to acquire. As a businesswoman, Jill has inspired many around her to focus on their talents and commit to crafting the life they were meant to live.

Her genuine warmth and sincere care have been reflected in everything she does. Even the most afflicted and pain-stricken patients have welcomed and embraced her healing glow.


Common conditions treated with acupuncture and herbal medicine

This is just a small list of concerns: the opportunity for wellbeing stretches far beyond this list.
Digestive Upset
Mood & Stress
Menstrual / Menopause
Joint / Muscular Pain
Weight Loss
Crohn’s Disease